Free Professional Development Opportunity for Charter School Leaders

Improving the Climate for Rural Charter Schools

Presented by: Dr. Terry Croy Lewis
Thursday, March 18 • 10:00 AM (EST)

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Charter schools – whether urban, suburban, or rural – tend to share many of the same, broad needs. The challenges in addressing these needs, however, can be greater for rural charter schools. This session will address challenges related to transportation, facilities, and human capital for rural charter schools. Strategies for improving the climate for rural charter schools will be offered
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Florida Charter School Governance Conference
Saturday, March 27 • 9:00am - 4:00pm


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Breakout Sessions:

Renegotiation Facilities Leases
Authorizer & Board Partnerships
Roles & Responsibilities of Board Members
We are Getting Sued...What should we do?
FL Department of Ed - New Offerings
Interpreting your financials
Founding Vs. Operating
Conflict of Interest
Fiduciary Responsibilities of a Board
Effective Policy Manuals
Insurance & Risk Management
Mission Creep - How to Avoid it
Business & Community Partners
Governance Training Overview
Board Meetings in the Age of Zoom
Effective Committee Use
Role of the Board and the CSP Grant
Reviewing an Administrator
Facility Options

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Florida Department of Education &
US Department of Education
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Federal Charter Schools Program Grant

Building Hope
Charter Support Unit
Truist Securities Inc.
Fringe Benefit Plans
E-Rate Advantage
Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools
HLB Gravier, LLP
School Financial Services

Mr. Michael Bileca
Executive Director
Bileca Foundation

Opening and Closing Keynote Speakers



Dr. Dakeyan Graham
Executive Director
Office of Independent Education & Parent Choice



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