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Navigating Your Salary Increase Distribution Plan with

the CSU SIA Calculator

The moment you have all been waiting for... We have completed the Salary Increase Allocation Calculator for your use and guidance! This calculator will help you develop your statutorily required distribution plan. 

  • If you desire additional clarity or have questions, please attend the webinar next Thursday. See below... 

Navigating Your Salary Increase Distribution Plan with the CSU SIA Caluculator


Presented by:

Curtis Fuller, Director

Charter Support Unit

Thursday, June 20th, 2024, 10:00 AM EST

Florida Law requires that school districts and charter schools report on the use of the 2023-24 Salary Increase Allocation funds by August 1, 2024.  The state recently released the reporting format that is required to be used.  The report does not exactly match the report that was submitted in the fall. For the last several years the Charter Support Unit has created a calculator tool to help charter schools to complete this report, and we are once again releasing another version of our tool to help schools with completing the annual report.  School Districts are required to submit the report to the state by August 1, and the district's report must be inclusive of all charter schools they sponsor.  Therefore, expect to receive notice from your district soon (if you haven't already) that you need to complete this new report.  During this webinar we will introduce our new tool and show you how you can quickly transfer your data from the tool we released in the fall to be able to quickly complete the report that is due within the next few weeks.  If you have not used the tool in the past, you can still use this tool to quickly calculate your SIA amounts for the upcoming required report.  

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