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Crafting a Winning IMPACT Awards Submission: Tips and Best Practices


Presented by:

Sherilyn Moore - Chief Impact Officer, Building Hope

Trisha Leitem - Director of Services, Building Hope


Thursday, October 26, 2023, 10:00 AM EST

Join us for the upcoming webinar where we'll unravel the secrets of preparing a winning application for the '24 Building Hope Impact Awards. Applications opened on October 23rd and the 12 winners will be honored at a three-day Summit in Miami, FL to take place in April 2024. This award is tailor-made for charter school leaders and educators eager to share the great things that have been happening at their schools. Discover the benefits of participation, gain valuable insights into the application process, and learn essential strategies to make your charter school’s application stand out.


For more information about the grants, visit

  • Student Empowerment Awards (one $20,000 grant & two $10,000 grants)

  • Education Innovation Grant Awards (one $20,000 grant & two $10,000 grants)

  • Community Engagement Awards (one $20,000 grant & two $10,000 grants)

  • S. Joseph Bruno Leadership Award (one $20,000 grant & two $10,000 grants)

  • Shellie-Ann Braswell "Shine Brighter" Award (one $5,000 grant)

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