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Beyond Carrots and Sticks: Simple, Research-based ways to Improve Teacher AND Student Motivation at Your School 

Presented By: Dr. Michele Gregoire Gill

Professor of Educational Psychology and
Galileo School Founder

Tuesday, October 12 - 1:00PM (EST)

Students' engagement in learning and teachers' engagement in teaching are what makes a school thrive. Motivation in both, though, are on the decline, in part due to the high-stakes learning environment we are all in, compounded by the global pandemic. In this webinar, participants will learn about how praise, rewards, and punishment can backfire, how to use praise and rewards more effectively, and research-based alternatives to carrots and sticks that can help their teachers and students get more engaged in teaching and learning. We also address misconceptions about grit and learning styles to ensure that school leaders spend precious professional development time on what really can make a difference in their schools.

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